The Belgium Ardennes do not need a special reason to visit again and again and again. Just because of its beauty and the many possible outdoor activities. And from Amsterdam only a three hours drive.

This time, we actually had a special reason to visit. As told before we bought a VW camper and after many hours of repairing it was time to make our first trip to check out if everything works as we expected it to work.

We already had the first setback by loading the car at home…Eddy got backproblems and hardly could sit in the car anymore. Nevertheless we continued driving because we just were looking forward to do this trip for such a long time.

Our first stop was the Belgium city of Hasselt. The girlfriend of our neighbour Gholam is living in Hasselt and as we were passing by this city anyway…not stopping by was out of the question. We took lunch in the old town and after saying goodbye to Monique we continued on our way south towards the Belgium province Luxembourg and the small village La Roche-en-Ardenne.

As said before, the Ardennes are a great place for outdoor activities but because of Eddy’s backproblems unfortunately we only managed to walk and cycle a bit. After two nights sleeping in the van which worked out perfectly we drove up to the villages of Rochefort and Han-sur-Lesse and eventually parked the car on a campingspot at Ave-et-Affe and biked around and visited castle Lavaux-Sainte-Anne. After two days of cloudy weather the sun eventually came through and we finally could relax and have dinner outside our van…It was just this feeling where we could forget the past several months of work we had on the car.

Next day we took of for visiting the caves of Lorette near Rochefort and before crossing the border to France we walked around in a nice park in Beauraing.

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