For just a week in late August 2013 we were heading for Denmark for a special and secret mission which nobody but we knew of…

As Romy was working in Dresden already for two weeks, I took the night train to Dresden and arrived Friday August 23th. early morning. Before we set off I was catching up with an old travelmate from Switzerland (Fabio) with whom I travelled together from Almaty to Tibet during my last China trip. He was now living in Dresden.

Our first destination was Cottbus where Lena and Markus live together with their 3 lovely daughters. We caught up in their newly bought villa and were supposed to have dinner, but as Lena is a doctor she tried to explain me which could be causimg my bellyache that I had for the last couple of weeks…it went from bad to worse and eventually I literally passed out! Next morning we stopped by the hospital and after a couple of checks I was considered healthy and ready to continue our holiday.

After driving north from Cottbus to Sassnitz we took our pre-booked ferry to Bornholm which is doing the crossing within 4 hours.

Bornholm is an island in the Baltic Sea which geographically lies close to Sweden, but belongs to Denmark. As you could read at the beginning of this chapter, the reason to come here was special and secret…we did not tell anybody, but we wanted to get married on this idyllic island!

As one of Romys friends had got married here and explained us how uncomplicated and nice it was, we decided to do it just this way.
Romy prepared all the needed documents at home and finally the date was set on 28 August 2013.
This morning we woke up as if it was just another day and after having breakfast we drove anticlockwise around the island to visit the highlights. We passed by lovely harbour village Svaneke and climbed the hill at Gudhjem to overview the village. Continued north passing Bornholm northernmost tip at Allinge and after hiking the stairs at the cliffs of Jons Kapel we had to drive back to the camping to prepare ourselves for the ‘big day’!

The preparation just took us 10 minutes and after another 5 minutes driving we reached the agreed parking lot. The actual wedding location was just right on the beach and in the presence of the registrar and 2 witnesses (one civil servant and her mother!) we gave our ‘yes’ to each other under a clear blue sky! Could it have been any more beautiful?
To celebrate we had dinner at restaurant Den Lille Havfrue in the village of Snogebaek.

Bornholm is a very beautiful and pleasant island, where you can easily spend another week or so, but as we only had a week, it was time to take the ferry Ronne – Ystad, Sweden and to continue driving the Oresundbron bridge to Copenhagen.

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