For months we already were planning this tour where to go and what to do.  As we wanted to take our pushbikes with us as always, we had chosen some hills to climb in the French Vosges area and do some walking in the Elzas before going to Switzerland visiting Sandra in Zürich. We checked the weather forecast and we decided to do something else…

The forecast told us that in the next coming days it would rain cats and dogs in northern France so on Friday evening the 4th. of July, after world cup quarterfinal Germany – France, we drove east towards Trier, where we spent the night on a parking lot. Next morning we visited the oldest city of Germany by bike while it was…raining…Still the old town was packed with tourists walking the new shopping streets with medieval feeling. After having lunch and stocked up with some cheap fuel in Luxembourg, we drove further south into Germany, where we eventually turned off the engine in little town Illertissen. What we actually did was following the good weather forecast…not really knowing where to end next day.

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