Seeing your niece growing up is nice, but to come up with a nice and original birthday present every year is hard…so in September 2013, when she turned 9 with a new school year just started…I gave her a letter…for a kid not something overwhelming with which you can immediately play with. I wrote her that if she was passing this grade in school with good notes, we would fly to somewhere in Europe together…

The year was passing by and I booked two flight tickets to the capital of England…London!

On Friday the 1st. of August 2014 Melanie brought Kim to Amsterdam for an exciting weekend. After dinner we went to bed as the alarm clock would wake us early morning…we had a flight to catch!

Romy took us to Schiphol Airport. We checked in for our Easyjet flight to London Gatwick and after I explained to customs that we were uncle and niece, we had to find the right airplane. I let Kim do all the work and within a blink of an eye we were heading for the right gate. Of course we had to make a picture of Kim standing in front of the Airbus which would take us across the North Sea to London.

After a convenient flight we hit British customs who were suspicious about the fact that I was not her father…we passed the questions and were heading for the train to downtown the city of dreams.

At Victoria station we walked straight to the London Eye passing Big Ben for a photograph. I had prebooked two tickets which meant we did not have to queue twice…We had a nice view from 135 meters above the ground.
In some way it was a birthday present too, so the McDonalds could not be missed for having lunch and after we had french fries in England we explored the city and what else it had to offer.

We walked and walked, but every 500 meters or so we made a break…walking is not Kim´s favourite hobby :o) We passed Piccadilly Circus on our way to see Buckingham Palace which is just an old building through kids eyes…more exciting is driving with the underground and the typical red double decker buses. Sitting in front up high overlooking the traffic…what else do you need?
Last stop on the journey was the famous Tower Bridge which we crossed by feet…

London in one day is obvious not enough, but at least for a kid to get an idea what a big city is look like…it will do the trick. I guess Kim liked it very much and in the meantime she turned her room into a real capital room! Which city is next…Paris??

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