After Romy quit work on Friday 5th June 2015 we took off at 18:30 for driving as much as we were capable of direction south! Short before Paris at 23:45 we deciced to pass the incredible Periferique now and stay the night at the first Aire we could come across after we saw the Eifeltower in our backmirror. We found a good spot just across the entrance of the toilets and we were not alone. Always a good sign. We killed 2 mosquitos and fall asleep.

First stop Paris Aire

Early morning at 7am after 6 hours of darkness we survived the night at the parking lot. A quick coffee and a toilet visit and we were up and running towards Bujaleuf. Bujaleuf? A good friend of ours, Gholam, recently bought a piece of ground in the Limousin area. We were passing this area anyway so a sneak preview would be nice. Around noon we found this overgrown but nice place and decided to stay a little longer at Lac St. Helene nearby before carrying on into the Dordogne where we found a nice campingspot along the river La Dordogne at camping Les Ombrages in Rouffillac. We watched the Champions League final Barcelona – Juventus in Le Bar of the camping.

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