A while ago I had decided to take a week off, together with colleague Peter Jonkers. We came to the conclusion that the geographical triangle Dubrovnik – Mostar – Split would be an interesting destination and for a sloppy 100 euro’s we booked Easyjet tickets.

An early start from Amsterdam…as take off was planned 27/09/15 at 7am. Within two hours we landed at Dubrovnik airport and with comfortable coach transfer we arrived downtown Dubrovnik. Immediately we had to cover hundreds of stairs to reach the prebooked hotel which was simple with some views over the Adriatic Sea and a lovely hostess. A welcomes juice was offered to us and after recovering from the early start and the flight we went down the stairs again to discover what Dubrovnik had to offer to us…

…a lot of tourists…that’s for sure. As it was end September we actually thought that tourist season had come to an end, but entering the old town through the Pile Gate is a ‘not alone experience’. Still the old town is just a beautiful place which is obvious that so many people want to see.

Basically Croatia is not a very expensive country, but Dubrovnik is not satisfying this expectations…a small beer with a view goes for a staggering 4,50…for us reason enough to have diner just outside the stunning defence walls and a late afternoon drink at nearby hotel Cafe Pinky. Cafe Pinky served as a venue for our breakfasts.

Second day we took the cable car onto Dubrovniks ‘house mountain’ which offers beautiful views over the city where the Adriatic Sea functions as a nice background. We zigzagged back down to town and took it easy the rest of the day :o) Of course we visited local pub Cafe Pinky for one late afternoon Ozijusko Pivo or two…

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