Our original plan had been to visit Istanbul in the spring of 2016. We really had enjoyed the city on our roadtrip 2009 and we thought it would be nice to go back.

We had already booked our flight tickets, but unfortunately in January 2016 started a series of terrorist attacks in Istanbul and Ankara. After an attack in January in the city centre of Istanbul where 12 Germans were killed by a suicide bomb, also Ankara was a target in the upcoming months and in March the international airport in Istanbul and again the city centre were attacked and many people had died. More than 200 people died in 2016 in Turkey due to terrorist attacks. So we figured that it might not be the best idea to go to Istanbul after all.

We were able to change the destination on the KLM tickets with an acceptable fee. So we were discussing where we could go instead. Because it was too short in advance, many flights to city destinations in Europe already were quite expansive. In the end we found a good connection to Zürich and thought it would be a good opportunity to visit Sandra and Carsten in their new home.

We left Amsterdam on 8th April 2016 and stayed for 3 days in Witikon where they live with a great view of the Swiss mountains.

The first day we went by train to Winterthur to do some hiking. On the second day we walked through the city and explored the area of Oerlikon. On the third day Sandra and Carsten joined us for a walk up the Uetliberg.

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