On this Thursday morning it rained cats and dogs and packing the car in this weather conditions is not very practical. First we had breakfast and crossed our fingers for stopping the rain. We had to drive around 900 km. on this first day into direction Norway but as it did not really matter where and at what time we should arrive we were not in a hurry to pack up. Eventually around 9.30 we left Amsterdam following the A1 to Osnabrück from where it went northwards to Denmark. Between Bremen and Hamburg we had a first coffee break. We chose to stay in the car because temperatures were hitting the 30ties! We left the bad weather behind us.

Slowly we continued and at Flensburg we crossed the border into Denmark. At the city of Vejle we left the highway and went north taking the 13 to Viborg. As soon as we left this highway it poured down as never before and so we started and ended the day with rain. We got to our quiet campsite Hjallbaek Fjord Camping on the shores of the Hjallbaek Fjord. After dinner we walked to the beach taking some nice photographs and wondering why the Danish making bushfires on this day! Went to bed 22.30. Somehow the sun was still up and lighting the place as it was noon…yes we are going north…

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