Every now and then me and Kim try to organize a trip together. In 2014 we did a daytrip to London. In 2015 we spend a weekend in the Belgium Ardennes with the camper. Now we flew to to the German capital Berlin for the weekend.

On Friday evening 16th. December Kim was taken to Amsterdam by Melanie and after an evening tea Melanie said goodbye and we went to bed early. An early flight to catch at Schiphol Airport. Around 09:30 it was take off time from the ‘polderbaan’ runway and going east to Berlin. Flight time was approximately one hour and after arriving at Berlin Schoenefeld airport it took another one and half hour to get to Reinald and Anna’s apartment at Beusselstrasse. First of all it took ages to buy the traintickets, then because of construction work we changed to bus and back to train again. We lost some time so after we dropped our luggage at the apartment we u-bahned into town where we passed some remarkable stops like Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz.

It was cold and the sun setted quite early. We made it to a couple christmas markets below the Fernsehturm and made some selfies right in front of the famous Brandenburger Gate. It got dark, but watching a piece of the old ‘Berlin Wall’ was mandatory. By u-bahn we got to Ostbahnhof where we walked along the East Side Gallery towards the Warschauer Strasse station, before we found ourselves a nice pizza restaurant in the Prenzlauerberg area. Because we bought an unlimited public transport card, it was easy to go and back with public transport!

Selfies in front of the Brandenburger Gate

Next morning after breakfast in the apartment we got to the Fernsehturm to watch Berlin from atop! Because queues are long normally, we had an early start to avoid the lines. We took our luggage as we wanted to go to the airport directly which was a mistake…no luggage allowed inside the tower because of understandable safety instructions…We dropped our luggage at the Alexanderplatz station but had to queue again…Eventually after waiting, waiting and waiting we got in and enjoyed the views over Berlin. From atop you get a clear idea how big the city actually is!

By S-bahn we drove back to the airport where we found out that we got a 2 hour delay. More waiting, but after a safe flight with nice views over an illuminated Amsterdam we touched down where we had to be picked up by Melanie and Ron if they had not made a mistake to take the wrong exit…we took the train instead…

Romy prepared us dinner. Another weekend spend with Kim…which city is next? Peut Etre Paris??

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