Actually I am not the big birthday party maker…The last time I celebrated a birthday really is already a decade ago.
Now I soon would turn 40…this could be a good reason to celebrate and so I came up with the idea to invite my parents, sister family and family-in-law to the Belgium Ardennes.

On Tuesday 22 of May Frank and Dagi arrived by train in Amsterdam. We got dinner and soon after we got to bed as tomorrow we wanted to leave early.

First we headed for National Park de Peel where we wandered around for a while enjoying the chirp of birds and the beautiful landscape of de Peel. At the visitor center we had a drink before driving further south towards the ‘Voerstreek’ where a camping spot at Hof van Libeek right at the Belgium border was reserved. Watching over the hills and grazing animals in the fields…could it be better? Just before dark we hiked into Belgium seeing a racoon running away from us.

From Hof van Libeek we drove to La Roche en Ardennes for a brief stop and hike before continuing to the accommodation in Masbourg which I had booked for the coming 3 nights.

La Roche en Ardennes
Hike up La Roche ‘house mountain’

When we arrived we knew it was too early to check in. The surroundings are just too nice so no problem to kill some time. We chose for a walk through the forest just north of Masbourg and got back to the shelter where we met with the friendly owners who tried to explain everything in their best english.

On Friday we served ourselves a good breakfast in the morning because another hike was scheduled today. We left Masbourg southwards following Rue de la Vallee until we reached the train tracks where we made a sharp left into the forest. Near Grupont we went uphill following the signs for Fourneau Saint Michel. At fourneau at L’Auberge du Prevost we ate lunch before we circled back to Masbourg by passing Nassogne. In the end we hiked up to 18km. and just got back before my parents and sister and niece were arriving at the shelter.

On Saturday we drove up to the city of Luxembourg for visiting this castle city and ended the day at Masbourg for a BBQ party in the backgarden.

Sunday on the way back home we drove by Durbuy and after a little stroll through this touristy town we said goodbye to the Belgian Ardennes and drove back to Amsterdam.

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