Once in a while I check the remaining hours of holiday which I have in my account at work and as I did so in July ‘to my surprise’ I figured out that I still had 6 weeks of free time to spend until the end of the year. I am a keen hiker/biker and as I had not been to the Alps for a while the plan came to my mind to spend some time around the Austrian Alps.

Romy did not have this luxury problem, but luckily she allowed me to go on my own 😊 Sunday the 8th of September I was bound to gain some altitude!

Early morning 8am I set off and after a full tank load I drove through the Netherlands without a noticeable incident, but after crossing the border at Zevenaar into Germany it was a variation on this theme…Baustelle…Stau…Baustelle…

My first destination was the Bavarian city of Bamberg. Crossing the industrial Ruhr area following the road signs to Kassel and southwards in direction Würzburg wasn’t too difficult.

Apparently according to the book of Unesco Bamberg is something special and worth a visit. Around 3pm I finally arrived on the outskirts of town where I changed from car to bike to drive into town.

The inner city indeed looks quite pretty and I totally understand why the Altstadt is completely Unesco World Heritage. I walked around and paid a quick visit to the Bamberger Dom together with ‘a couple’ of other tourists mainly travelling in groups. Obviously Bamberg is a touristic town. Continuing my way down towards the Regnitz river I crossed some bridges and passed the highlight of town and many photographed Rathaus which is built literally over the river. The outside wall paintings interested me the most. I cycled back to the car and carried on southwards towards Munich. It went dark and not to know where to spend the night I stopped along the A9 at a Raststätte McDonalds to see what my options where. Normally I do not care spending the night just at a Raststätte or Autohof, but when I read about the mobile home overnight parking lot at the Bayern Allianz Arena  I knew where I was bound for.

The northend parking lot is used to let campervans spend the night for 15 euro including wifi and a clean toilet.

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