To enjoy a little bit of sun just before winter kicks in in western Europe we have booked holidays somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean like Madeira or La Palma in the past couple of years. By booking a vacation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan we broke a little bit with this tradition. Temperatures would be nice above the twenties though.

Take off at Amsterdam Schiphol airport for a 4,5 flight + add one hour of time difference and you will find yourself at Queen Alia International Airport of Amman. The flight went straight forward and after some queuing at the Jordan visa desk and passport control we entered a new country and kingdom. We did not break the tradition of renting a car and so we filled in the documents at Dollar Rentals and waited…Somehow due to some miscommunication perhaps it took a while before our Kia rental was ready to go.

It went dark already which made it a bit more difficult to find the way towards Madaba as we won’t visit the capital Amman. Quickly we found out that a good working navi system is mandatory while driving your own vehicle. Two cases possible…there is a road sign, but you cannot read the Arabic, or there is no road sign…With some little detour due to some roadblocks we entered the quiet town of Madaba. Our pre-booked hotel Saint John was located right in the middle of the old town where we expected huzzle and buzzle, but easily and without hurry we parked just nearby the hotel’s entrance. At the restaurants skybar on top of the building we thought to enjoy traditional middle eastern food in the same pace and serenity as we found Madaba an hour ago, but the employees were apparently in a good mood and turned on the loudspeakers and filled the room with bad house music…the food was excellent by the way and for digesting the food we walked a block around town towards the King’s Highway and back.

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