And finally we drove to Poland…finally indeed as we initially had planned this trip to make it our first testing week some months ago with the Sprinter, but then Corona…

Friday 26th June I basically picked up Romy at Amsterdam Sloterplas where she met with Linda and Lucy. Once back home we needed an hour to pack before setting off east. Our first destination was the German city Braunschweig where we caught up with Romy`s old friend Matthias. Braunschweig is conveniently located around halfway between Amsterdam and Dresden, and made the perfect stop for us. Sitting outside in his garden we talked and talked about the past and the future, completely forgetting the time. Next morning Matthias really took care of us by preparing a tasty breakfast. Chatting into the morning and amazed by the fact how black I drink my coffee we eventually waved farewell.

Driving south on the B36 we targeted on the mountain `Brocken` slowly bending east along the Harz mountain range before hitting the Autobahn 14 Magdeburg – Dresden which we drove a hundred times before, but this time was special. Special because we stayed in contact with Michel and Ilse all the time as they were on tour in German. It was just great to meet them at Autohof Könnern where we had a short chat and enjoying a Burger King ice cream.

Michel and Romy chatting at just a random Autohof…

That evening we were invited to celebrate Klaus Zein`s 70th. birthday at the Körnergarten. Two hours later we arrived at the cafe overlooking the beautiful bridge “Blaues Wunder”. Enjoying the typical Sachsen dish `braten` and a beer in hand we met with family and friends spending the night at Nikols home in Dresden Dölzschen.

On Sunday we slept in without really having a schedule. We did some work on the Sprinter and gave Frank a hand by cleaning up the mess which was left behind after a thunderstorm had struck Dresden last night. After the work was done we drove to Anne, Peter and the kids paying the family a visit. With some coffee and a hike through Pesterwitz we caught up the latest news.
The last weeks, maybe months, the Nikols also worked hard on the Sprinter and for that we wanted to thank them. We reserved a table at the Kümmelschänke in Dresden Gorbitz for some food and a drink. A great night out with the family topped with a walk back home with Peter where we spontaneously were invited for a beer at Peter’s neighbours.

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