Hansetour along the IJssel

With Romy still enjoying her free time in Dresden, I decided to visit two Dutch Hanse cities, Zwolle and Kampen.

Obviously I left Amsterdam with our newly built camper, not knowing where to spend the night. I had a couple of so called ‘camperspots’ in mind. Basically a newly invented way of staying the night for camper vans, which do not need the services of a traditional camping, but staying the night on a legally way on therefore reserved parking lots or sometimes beside a farmhouse or restaurant. I went for a camperspot in the small village of Zalk next to the river IJssel from which I could manage a cycle tour along the river IJssel visiting the places Zwolle and Kampen.

IJsselbrug into Zwolle
Cycling to Kampen
Camperspot Zalk at the local soccerteam

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