It had been a while that we had enjoyed a holiday together. Actually it was already six months ago when we went to visit Austria and Italy September 2020. So it felt like it was time again. With the virus kind of vanishing again we planned a week to visit the banks of the Mosel river from Trier to Koblenz. On the 4th of June ’21 right after diner our first destination of the trip would be a camper parking lot in the Belgian Ardennes near Houffalize. A three hours drive.

Normally this drive which we did already a couple of times has nothing remarkable to mention and it had not until we reached Eindhoven where it felt like we had hit the end of times. We faced huge rolling black clouds hanging low. Soon after heaven opened up and let out the moist together with heavy thunderstorms. It felt like chasing down thunderstorms in the US during the hurricane season. It all did not last long. Around midnight we closed our eyes near the Barrage de Nisramont.

Although it was just a parking lot sharing the night with a couple of other campers…waking up in your van again and having breakfast is a magical feeling.
The river Ourthe which terminates in the Maas actually consists of two Ourthe rivers…the Ourthe Orientale and the Ourthe Occidentale. They merge near this area. Along the banks of both the Ourthes we hiked a 13km route in five hours. We did some nice bird spotting, the odd squirrel passed our way and the scenery sometimes was just amazing but above all it stayed dry although the clouds where always present.

With a hamburger for lunch we crossed borders to Luxemburg and found a nice camper spot in Wiltz next to a skatepark where we tried our luck with our bikes, too.

Preparing dinner…

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