August 2021 we speak and still living in the Corona age. Therefore, the question of where to spend our three-week vacation remained open literally just before we left. Considering all the rules of different countries we gave Northern Spain a go.

As France is taking Corona really serious having some of the strictest rules in Europe, we basically decided to cross the country as fast as possible somehow by taking the Route National as long as we enjoyed it. This brought us high up along the walled medieval town of Laon in Northern France for the first night. Tired of driving almost 500km we fell asleep.

A couple of weeks ago we had visited Gholam and Monique in their holiday home near Limoges. We pretty much liked the idea of visiting them again, also because Limoges is located just on the way to Spain, so it was a win-win.

Before hitting the road again, first we wandered through the hilly old town of Laon and looked in the distance towards Paris. We had passed this metropole quite a few times now and were amazed again how big this city actually is.

For lunch we had some food in a restaurant in mind, but were confronted with the strict Corona rules in France for the first time. We could not show a QR code which indicates you’re ‘safe’ on Corona. No restaurant for us in France I see…luckily it was allowed to walk through the McDonald’s drive for a burger as our van is too high for the McDrive…

With a glass of wine in hand we celebrated our second visit in Neuvic Entier at Gholam and Monique’s together with the fact that we have been married for eight years.

We actually did not want to spend more time than necessary in France and with a quick stop and picnic in Dordogne’s much visited Brantome village and by taking the toll road passing by Bordeaux, we crossed the border into Spain’s Basque Country without any problems around 7pm the next day.

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